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Eyebrow ptosis is present when the eyebrows fall below the superior orbital rims.  This condition may be a cosmetic or a functional problem.  If the brow ptosis blocks the superior fields of vision and if elevation of the eyebrows restores the superior fields of vision then surgery is considered functional in nature.  Insurance companies generally will consider brow ptosis a covered expense if vision is affected.

A cosmetic browlift may be performed in conjunction with a cosmetic upper eyelid blepharoplasty.  Elevating the eyebrows can result in a more rested appearance and a pleasing aesthetic result.  A cosmetic browlift will also prevent the slight inferior shift of the eyebrows which can occur after an upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

An adjacent browlift is a functional procedure to restore the superior fields of vision.  Men often have thick wrinkles on their forehead, which results from the chronic contraction of their forehead muscles.  An adjacent browlift places the incision above the eyebrows.  An ellipse of skin is removed to elevate the eyebrows.  The surgery is almost exclusively reserved for men with thicker skin and eyebrows.  The surgery will produce a scar that will be visible for months after surgery.  Usually, the scar will fade over time.  Due to the location of the scar, an adjacent browlift surgery is usually not performed in women.

A coronal browlift may be performed for functional or cosmetic purposes.  Patients with thin forehead skin and a thick scalp of hair are good candidates for a coronal lift.  This procedure places the incision behind the hairline.  An ellipse of scalp tissue is removed as the forehead is lifted.  A coronal browlift produces a nonvisable scar, which make the procedure a good choice for women who are concerned about postoperative scarring.

*While patient satisfaction with Dr. Long is high, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any surgical procedure. Individual results vary from patient to patient and it's important that you speak with Dr. Long to determine the best solution for you.