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Ectropion is a malposition of the eyelid where the eyelid pulls away from the eyeball. With increasing age, the tendons supporting the eyelid become elongated. When the tendons have stretched sufficiently, the eyelid falls away from the eyeball producing an ectropion. Patients with an ectropion report chronic tearing, ocular redness and irritation.

If an ectropion is symptomatic the eyelid can be repaired. The surgical management of ectropion involves tightening or shortening the eyelid. The stretched tendons of the eyelid cause the ectropion. The surgery is directed to shortening the tendons and restoring the normal tone in the eyelid. Surgery is usually quite effective at relieving the symptoms associated with this condition.

*While patient satisfaction with Dr. Long is high, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any surgical procedure. Individual results vary from patient to patient and it's important that you speak with Dr. Long to determine the best solution for you.