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Trauma involving the eyelids and orbits can range from minor to life-threatening.  Assessing and repairing the eyelids and orbits is the job of the oculoplastic surgeon.  A detailed knowledge of the periocular anatomy is the key to successful reconstructive surgery.  Often, trivial-appearing eyelid injuries mask deeper orbital injuries that may occur with penetrating trauma such as stab wounds and bullet injuries.

A team approach is often used for the assessment and management of periocular injuries.  The preservation of vision and the eyeball requires a detailed ophthalmic assessment.  Injuries to the orbit often require a CT scan to rule out broken bones and retained foreign material.

*While patient satisfaction with Dr. Long is high, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any surgical procedure. Individual results vary from patient to patient and it's important that you speak with Dr. Long to determine the best solution for you.